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The term 'soutache' (read 'sutàš') comes from the Hungarian language, from the term 'sujtás' which literally means 'small braid'. Sujtás originated as a trimmings made from thin silk or viscose ribbons of various colours woven in a herringbone pattern, flat or even round. It is a flat decorative strip usually used for cutting curtains or clothing, whose function is to conceal a seam. In military uniforms it was found in the form of a button decoration, the famous frogs' wings. Thanks to artists, initially from the East, the soutache technique first caught on in costume jewellery. The base of this technique is the plate that Dooitu has in many colours and strictly MADE IN ITALY synonymous with high quality. Have fun using this technique and sew the flat around crystals, cabochons, pearls and stones of all shapes and sizes: this will result in beautiful earrings, necklaces and bracelets