Small parts and components

What would hard stones, Swarovski crystals and Fimo creations be without the small parts and components? Costume jewelry also passes through these small and essential components, essential in the creation of your Bijoux. Clasps for necklaces, rings, balls of various sizes and materials, cups, terminals, rigid wire, just to name a few. Beside the basic small parts, there are also details in Italian silver, connectors for costume jewelry with a refined design that will make your handmade creations stand out and emphasize their originality: worked chains, bases and pins for decorated earrings, rosary-type chains with precious small ringed semiprecious stones, necklaces that will make your earrings a successful handmade. With the right hardware you will have an element to distinguish your creative jewelry. Dooitu has always been careful to propose materials and metals of the highest quality, whether we speak of Swarovski or beads. In our section dedicated to jewelry components you will find the Italian silver, aluminum, bronze and nickel free metals, and all with an eye to the trends and fashions of the moment. Each item is made available in different sizes and finishes!