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If you have found Dooitu it means that, as in us, you too have a passion for the world of accessories, costume jewellery and DIY. The passion of seeing a creation born from scratch and the satisfaction of seeing it evolve slowly until it becomes an expression of your taste, your style and your personality.

Dooitu is exactly that: an Italian company of people who believe in a project and work daily to provide anyone who shares it with the right tools to carry it out. Our years of experience in this market and on the web allows us to use the best suppliers so that we can offer quality products always in line with the latest industry trends. Our professionalism guarantees maximum precision in the management of the order, from packaging to shipping, which is always carried out according to the agreed times and methods.

Your creativity will do the rest. Because to achieve great things you always need someone you can count on.

Dooitu: the right partner for your DIY creations